Services Offered

PIChE offers services for the enhancement of Professional Chemical Engineering Practice and in support of its members.  These include:

  • Assisting members and chapters by involving and organizing them into identified projects.
  • Managing the assets of the organization.
  • Processing applications for the PIChE ChE Registry and maintaining the Registry
  • Maintaining the official websites and social media accounts
  • Reviewing relevant issues related to professional practice.
  • Organizing the Annual PIChE National Convention and the Chemical Engineering Week
  • Nominating deserving Chemical Engineers in awards or recognition programs.
  • Organizing Continuing Professional Development Seminars for its members and other stakeholders
  • Representing the Chemical Engineers in meetings or public hearings that may involve concerns on professional practice.
  • Supporting information dissemination of technical and other issues that may be relevant to its members.
  • ¬†Facilitating application processes for Dry Seal, PRC License renewal, Advanced-level Engineers and CPD-related activities.
  • Printing of the PIChE Journal after review of submitted papers.
  • Participating in international events to represent the organization.
  • Establishing linkages with industry, academe and government agencies.
  • Active participation in the affiliated organizations.