The PIChE Outstanding Chemical Engineer Awards (OChEA) was established to confer national recognition to the achievements and contributions of our outstanding Chemical Engineers who, through their efforts and interventions, brought about hope and change which have benefited significantly the community and the country.

The OChEA aims to inspire others with the recognition of these achievements and/or the leadership of the outstanding Chemical Engineer awardees, who have demonstrated dynamism and enterprise in tackling the problems of society and offering solutions to alleviate the circumstances of the Filipino people. These awardees shall serve as a shining example of a Chemical Engineer who lives up to the principles and ideals of the profession.

It seeks to focus public attention on the relevance of the Chemical Engineer’s role and practice in the country. This PIChE OChEA is uniquely given for the outstanding leadership, excellence and contribution of the Chemical Engineer in the different sectors of the society.

These annual awards are given to recognize the Chemical Engineers who have proven themselves worthy of honor and emulation based on six categories.

For queries, you may email the Awards Committee thru  c/o Engr Jonathan C. Aquino – Committee Chair.

Download Guidelines and Nomination Form @

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