President’s Corner

Message from the PIChE President

Dear Fellow PIChE Officers,

As officers of the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE), we hold a profound responsibility: to lead and to empower those around us. True empowerment transcends authority; it is about fostering an environment where every member feels valued, heard, and encouraged to contribute their best. When we empower others, we multiply our collective strength, achieving an impact far greater than any individual effort.

As we embark on our roles as officers of PIChE National and the PIChE Chapters both nationwide and international, let us be guided by our primary strategic objective: “A Stronger PIChE by embodying collaborative leadership, elevating the chemical engineering profession through legislation, policy-making, and international partnerships, thereby leading to membership growth and global recognition.” This objective shapes our shared vision, and it is through the pursuit of three key themes that we will realize our goals: Collaborative Leadership, Legislative/Policy Support and International Partnership, and Membership Growth.

Collaborative Leadership

Our strength lies in our unity and our ability to harness the collective expertise of our members. The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers, must stand as a unified force, working collaboratively to attain excellence in the Chemical Engineering profession. By engaging our chapters and leveraging the specialization of our members, we will create a stronger, more vibrant PIChE that leads by example. Together, we will foster an environment of collaboration that not only strengthens our organization but elevates the entire profession.

Membership Growth

Membership Growth is at the core of our strategic vision. By 2025, we aspire to double the number of active members, nurturing an environment where knowledge and professional growth thrive. Our commitment is not only to expand our membership but also to enhance the well-being of our members through sustainable career progression initiatives. It is through a strong and engaged membership base that we will truly become a global force in chemical engineering.

Legislative/Policy Support and International Partnership

We recognize the importance of robust laws, regulations, and policies that govern our profession. Our strategic result is clear – to establish a ChE legal framework that not only safeguards the integrity of our field but also propels us onto the global stage. Through forged international linkages, we aim to enhance PIChE’s global standing, making us a respected player in the international chemical engineering community. Together, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the legislative and policy landscape supports the growth and recognition of our profession.

Walk the talk. I implore you to lead and serve with a heart. It is this compassion, dedication, and passion for our profession that will propel us towards our goals. Remember that every decision made, every initiative undertaken, and every collaboration forged is a step closer to our vision of a Stronger PIChE.

Together, we will achieve excellence and global recognition. Together, we are stronger.


Warm regards,


Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE)