The congress we’ve been waiting for is finally drawing near! Come with us and be a part of the mission to bring innovation to every country in the globe! As we anticipate this event, please be introduced to one of our valuable plenary speakers, Prof. Hui Tong Chua!

He conveys excellence and furtherance of the field as the Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering at The University of Western Australia (UWA). He covers a wide variety of research areas, six of which belong to the top 1% percentile in Engineering citations. He is also known as one of the INVENTORS behind the Hazer Process, a catalytic methane tracking technology.

In addition to this, he is also known as the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of Albano Pty. Ltd. and Non- Executive Director of Good Water Ltd. Both of which are companies that focus on resource applications towards machinery and generation of energy.

Join us on September 5th to 9th on the 20th APCChE Congress and meet our plenary speakers! As they say, knowledge is power and it is a guarantee that this congress will truly empower us all.

See you in Manila!

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