PIChE College of Fellows

The College aims to bring together past PIChE presidents and outstanding Filipino chemical engineers. The PIChE Fellows pledge to harness their expertise and abilities for the purpose of inspiring interest in chemical engineering, and promoting the profession. They shall serve as resource persons on special topics or projects, and shall render other forms of assistance to PIChE, serving as models for other chemical engineers to emulate.
This fpiche.org website shares with the public the mission and ongoing activities of the College, and it shall serve as a medium to attract more members and to foster continuous communication and collaboration among its illustrious members.
Active members of the College of Fellows are encouraged to regularly check their official e-mails at the PIChE-COF Webmail and to regularly login at the PIChE Online Management Portal Site (POMP) to interact with peers and current leaders of PIChE. Using POMP, they can participate in discussion forums and scheduled virtual meetings, contribute inspirational blogs, relevant news and articles, thereby sharing their wisdom, expertise, experiences, and advocacy. The PIChE Fellows serve to echo their motto: Long Live PIChE!