PIChE has launched its drive to come up with its own Professional Chemical Engineer Register with the goal of recognizing experts and showcasing Chemical Engineers in the Philippines.

Please check out the PIChE ChE Registry to know more.

4 thoughts on “PIChE ChE Registry”
  1. just created my account a while ago.
    any idea how to become a member chapter?
    hope to hear from you guys.

    stay safe,

    1. Good day.

      We can facilitate connecting you to the chapter of your choice. Please advise which one you prefer based on the chapters listed in the chapter page. You can be a member of any chapter except those which are supported by companies like the Boysen Chapter, DOST Chapter, Fluor Chapter and the likes. These chapters require that members are employed in their respective companies. You may choose a chapter based on your residence or place of work so that it will be easier to join meetings and activities of the chapter.

      Please advise which chapter you prefer so we can facilitate connection.

      1. I am a faculty member of the Graduate School, University of.Santo Tomas. Could you facilitate so I can join the Academe Metro Manila Chapter?

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