PRC Registration Check

Lost your PRC ID card and/or forgot your PRC Registration Number? 

Contact us and we will email you your official PRC registration number.

Assistance in the renewal of PRC licenses is provided for under paid services.


Copies of PIChE Archived Files

Need copies of the following documents?

  1. PIChE Constitution and By-Laws
  2. New Ch.E. Law of 2004
  3. Implementing Rules & Regulations of the Ch.E. Law.
  4. New Code of Ethics (soon)

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Chapter Membership

Still not a member of any PIChE chapter? Want to contact a Chapter officer? Please note that active membership in PIChE requires that you belong to a chapter.

Contact us and we will refer you to an appropriate chapter where you can apply as a member. See also the New PIChE Chapter option at the right.

 New PIChE Chapter

Are you a group of at least 15 chemical engineers wanting to form your own PIChE Chapter? Do you have a prospective leader of the new chapter? 

Ask your prospective leader to contact us and we will refer you to one of our area vice presidents who will assist you in the mechanics of the formation of new PIChE chapters.

Official PIChE e-mail Address

Want to have another e-mail address with our domain name accessible by webmail and with a mailbox size of 100MB? Please contact us to make an official request. You must however indicate your PRC registration number to qualify.

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