PIChE Constitution and By-Laws Amended 2007

of the

(Approved during the 68th PIChE National Convention held in Manila on January 31- February 2, 2007)



AFFIRMING our adherence to our professionalism and code of conduct;

REALIZING that we need each other to be able to promote the welfare of our profession;

PURSUING the advancement of science and technology in the field of chemical engineering;

DETERMINED to make the Philippines and the world a better place to live in; and

AWARE of our responsibility to God, to mankind and to our countrymen, in particular;

HAVE RESOLVED to unite our hearts, our minds and our will to accomplish these aims by constituting a national organization of chemical engineers, and by virtue thereof, ordain and promulgate this Constitution and By-Laws.


Section 1. Nature - This organization shall be a Professional Organization. It shall be a non-profit and non-political corporation organized under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines and shall be the accredited professional organization by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

Section 2. Name - This organization shall be known as the PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, INC. (PIChE, by which it will be referred to hereafter).

Section 3. Seal - The seal of PIChE shall consist of two concentric circles with the name PHILIPPINE INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS and the year 1938 inscribed in between them and the symbol of a manufacturing plant inside the smaller circle.

Section 4. Principal Office - The principal office of PIChE shall be located in Metro Manila, Philippines.


Section 1. Principles - The principles of the members of PIChE shall be based upon a firm commitment to equality, sincerity, trustworthiness, service and good moral conduct.

Section 2. Objectives - PIChE shall have the following objectives which aim at the improvement, development and advancement of its members by:


a. Promoting and developing the chemical engineering profession through the active participation and involvement of its members;

b. Holding continuing professional education fora, seminars and workshops for its members;

c. Uplifting, safeguarding and protecting by lawful means the welfare of its members;

d. Enhancing understanding, goodwill and cooperation among chemical engineers;

e. Providing fora and venues to discuss and/or resolve issues pertinent to the chemical engineering profession;

f. Fostering among its members a profound sense of responsibility and dedication, and a deep concern in preserving and maintaining the high ethical and moral standards of the chemical engineering profession;

g. Networking with other professional, government and non-government organizations, both local and foreign, for mutual benefits; and

h. Serving as a vehicle for achieving and sustaining national development.


Section 1. General Assembly - The General Assembly shall be composed of all bona fide members from all PIChE Chapters.

Section 2. Powers and Prerogatives - The General Assembly shall be the supreme authority of PIChE. It shall direct the affairs of PIChE through a duly elected National Board of Directors and Officers. The General Assembly shall have the exclusive prerogative to:

a. Elect the members of the National Board of Directors;

b. Choose the venue and the host(s) of PIChE’s Annual General Assembly; and

c. Consider and decide on matters as may be necessary and proper to effectively implement the objectives of PIChE through the representation of the Chapter Presidents.

Section 3. Quorum - The presence of a General Assembly of at least thirty percent (30%) of the total number of members in good standing of all Chapters or a minimum of two hundred fifty (250) of such members shall constitute a quorum. A majority vote of the General Assembly shall constitute as a valid act of PIChE, except on matters specifically provided under the Corporation Code of the Republic of the Philippines.

Section 4. National Convention - The annual meeting of the General Assembly shall be known as the National Convention. The National Convention shall be held in the month of February at any place in the Philippines decided upon in the previous General Assembly.

Section 5. Special General Assembly - A special General Assembly may be called by the National Board of Directors upon a thirty (30) days notice to the Chapters.


Section 1. Composition - There shall be fifteen (15) Members in the National Board of Directors, which shall be composed of the twelve (12) Area Directors, the Immediate Past National President, the Immediate Past National Executive Vice-President endorsed by the outgoing National Board of Directors to assume the National Presidency, and the Chairman of the Council of Advisers.

Each of the Areas in the Philippines (Luzon, National Capital Region, Visayas and Mindanao) shall be allocated three (3) elected members in the National Board of Directors, who shall be elected separately by the Area’s Chapter members present at the National Convention (provided, however, that only one (1) Area Director shall be elected from the same Chapter.

In the event the Immediate Past National Executive Vice-President declines to automatically assume the office of National President or is not endorsed by the outgoing National Board of Directors, another Director shall be elected at large by all qualified members present at the National Convention to replace him/her as member of the National Board of Directors.

The Director at Large nominee shall not come from the same Chapter as the nominee for the position cited in the foregoing.


Section 2. Qualifications of Members of the Board - Unless otherwise provided herein, each of the members of the Board shall have the following qualifications:

a. Shall be members of PIChE Chapters for two (2) years prior to the National Convention and must continue to be a member of the Chapters during his/her tenure;

b. Shall be members of a PIChE Chapter which is current in their payments of dues to PIChE, otherwise his/her election shall be void ab initio;

c. Shall be registered and in attendance at the National Convention at which he/she is a nominee; and

d. Shall have held or is holding an elective position in his/her Chapter.

Section 3. Election to the Board - The members of the Board shall be elected at the National Convention or at a Special General Assembly called for electing the Board in the following manner:

a. All registered attendees in the National Convention or Special General Assembly shall be qualified to elect the Members of the Board. Each qualified voter, upon registration, shall be given a ballot. No ballot will be given to those who have not registered;

b. No nominee shall be voted during the election if he/she is absent during the election;

c. Sufficient time shall be given for voting and the proper conduct of the proceedings; and

d. The Commission on Elections, as constituted herein, shall conduct the election and count the votes. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes in each area shall be declared as elected, subject to the provision of Section 1 supra.

e. The Commission on Elections shall provide five (5) ballot boxes, one (1) for each of the four (4) Areas’ ballots and one (1) for the ballots to elect the Director at Large, if needed.


Section 4. Term of the Board - The Members of the Board shall hold office for one year or until their successors have been elected, qualified, and have taken their oaths of office.

Section 5. Duties of the Board - The Board shall have the following duties:

a. To elect from among themselves the National Officers of PIChE, except the Immediate Past National President and the Chairman of the Council of Advisers. to wit:

1. 1. National President, if the Immediate Past National Executive Vice-President shall not automatically assume the National Presidency,

2. National Executive Vice-President,

3. Four (4) Area Vice-Presidents, one each for Luzon, National Capital Region, Visayas and Mindanao, who shall come from the area which they will be responsible for,

4. National Secretary,

5. National Treasurer, and,

6. National Public Relations Officer who shall serve concurrently as Editor-in-Chief of the PIChE Journal;

b. To appoint and retain an External Auditor;

c. To elect the Chairman and members of the Commission on Elections as provided in Article IX hereof;

d. To appoint the Chairman and members of Committees as may be necessary for the proper and efficient operations of PIChE;

e. To manage and exercise general supervision over the affairs of PIChE;

f. To establish policies for the guidance and implementation of the Chapters and the other bodies within PIChE;

g. To receive reports and recommendations from the National Officers, Chapters, Commissions, Committees and members for study and consideration;

h. To propose to the General Assembly matters not within the purview of its authority; and

i. To act on all matters endorsed to it by General Assembly as are deemed proper.

j. To endorse the National Executive Vice-President if he/she shall assume the National Presidency for the following year.


Section 6. Meetings of the Board – The Board shall hold regular monthly meetings during its tenure. The venue of the meetings shall be geographically distributed among the four (4) Areas, the dates and venues of which shall be set by the Board during its first meeting after the election of its members. The dates and venues of these meetings may be altered due to unforeseen constraints. However, due notice shall be given to members on any change in schedule. Special meetings of the Board may be held as necessary. These meeting may be called by the National President or by at least three (3) Board members giving notice of at least seven (7) calendar days before the date of the meeting.

Section 7. Quorum – The presence of at least eight (8)  members of the Board shall constitute a quorum in a meeting.

Section 8. Voting - The members of the Board present in a meeting shall have only one (1) vote each. Proxy voting shall be allowed.


Section 9. Forfeiture of Office. – The failure of any member of the Board to attend three (3) consecutive meetings of the Board shall, ipso-facto, result in the forfeiture of his/her office unless the said member submit within a week after being notified to respond to the inquiry, a written justification for such absences and found acceptable to the Board. The number of meetings of the Board shall include both regular and special meetings even if no business was transacted due to lack of quorum.

Section 10. Vacancies and Succession. – In the event of death, disability, resignation, incapacity or forfeiture of a member of the Board, he/she shall be succeeded by a candidate from the Area of the member to be replaced who obtained the next highest number of votes in the past election.

Section 11. Suspension of Board Members - A Board member whose Chapter has been delinquent in remitting dues to PIChE in the first semester of his/her term shall be automatically suspended until such time his/her Chapter has settled its financial obligation to PIChE. In the event that settlement is not made within thirty (30) days of the deadline set by the Board, the member’s post shall be declared vacant.




Section 1. National President - The National President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Organization. He/she shall preside at all meetings of the General Assembly, the National Convention, the Board and the Executive Committee. He/she shall direct the overall operations of PIChE and assume all the duties and responsibilities as may be prescribed herein or by the Board.

He/she shall report to the General Assembly and the National Convention at their meetings the accomplishments of the Board and the Executive Committee.

He/she, as head of PIChE, shall be its official representatives in all ceremonies and extra-mural meetings, affairs, proceedings and transactions involving PIChE provided, however, that any contractual or financial obligation entered into shall be subject to the approval of the Board.

Section 2. National Executive Vice-President - The National Executive Vice-President shall discharge the powers and duties of the National President, in case of the latter’s death, incapacity, illness or resignation. He/she shall coordinate the activities of the four (4) Area Vice-Presidents and perform such functions, as may be directed by the Board. He/she shall serve as the Chairman of the forthcoming National Convention and shall automatically be the National President for the following year, unless he/she declines to assume the position or is not endorsed by the outgoing Board to assume the National Presidency.


Section 3. Area Vice-Presidents - The Area Vice-Presidents shall:

a. Motivate, direct and coordinate the programming of the activities of the Chapters in his/her area;

b. Coordinate and supervise the activities of the aforesaid activities;

c. Visit the Chapters in his/her Area as often as necessary

d. Report regularly to the Board on the activities in his/her Area; and

e. Perform such other duties and responsibilities, as may be designated by the Board or National President.

Section 4. National Secretary - The National Secretary shall record and keep the Minutes of all meetings of the General Assembly, National Convention, Executive Committee and other meetings. He/she shall perform all other functions incidental to his/her office as the Board may determine.

Section 5. National Treasurer - The National Treasurer shall be the financial officer of PIChE and custodian of all its funds and properties. He/she shall countersign all checks and disbursements of funds, and shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and disbursed by him/her, in accordance with the budget or special appropriation approved by the Board. He/she shall deposit all collections and funds of PIChE with at least two (2) reputable banks designated by the Board, jointly with the National President and the National Executive Vice-President. He/she shall make a written annual report, duly audited, of the finances of PIChE to the Board and the General Assembly, or during the National Convention of PIChE and of such other funds as the Board may establish and determine.

The National Treasurer shall be responsible for the preparation and submission of the annual budget of PIChE national office to the Board within forty five (45) calendar days after assumption of his/her office.

Section 6. National Public Relations Officer and Editor-in-Chief of the PIChE Journal - As the National Public Relations Officer (PRO), he/she shall ensure that PIChE maintains its good reputation with the public and the media. He will propose to the Board plans to further enhance this good reputation.

As Editor-in-Chief of the PIChE Journal he/she shall ensure its regular issue, quality of contents and the economic viability of its publication. He/she shall propose to the Board ways and means by which these can be achieved.

Section 7. Immediate Past National President - The Immediate Past National President shall have the following duties:

a. Be a member of the Executive Committee;

b. Be a member of the Nominations Committee;

c. Be automatically a member of the Board of Advisers; and

d. Be the adviser of the Junior PIChE Commission.


Section 1. Formation and Establishment of Chapter - Chapters shall be established in various localities where any member, irrespective of type, shall affiliate himself/herself. A local chapter of at least fifteen (15) registered chemical engineers may be formed and establish itself as a Chapter of PIChE in their locality subject to the following:

a. Their objectives and activities are in accord with the principles and objectives of PIChE as enumerated herein;

b. They shall submit to PIChE’s Board a written application for recognition and admission, together with its proposed Constitution and By-Laws; which should be aligned with the national constitution and by-laws; and

c. Admission as a Chapter shall have the approval of the Board.

Section 2. Identification of Chapters - Upon approval by the Board, the Chapter shall be given its Charter and identified by its locality, workplace or site as deemed appropriate.

Section 3. Governance of Chapters - For its governance Chapters may start with seven (7) Directors/Officers which may be increased to a maximum of fifteen (15) as the number of members increases.

Section 4. Existing PIChE Chapters - All existing PIChE Chapters at the adoption of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be deemed as Chartered Chapters and their existing structure and membership, unless contrary to the provisions of this Constitution and By-Laws, shall be duly recognized.

Section 5. Chapters as Self-regulating Units - PIChE Chapters shall be recognized as self-regulating units which shall elect its own local governing body and may collect dues and raise funds over and above their prescribed annual membership dues to support their activities.

Section 6. Chapter Support to Its Members Elected to National Offices or Appointed to National Commissions or Committees - As deemed possible Chapters shall financially support any and all of their members elected to National Offices or appointed to National Commissions and Committees to enable them to comply with the requirements of their Offices,. Commissions or Committees.

Section 7. Annual Dues to the National Office of PIChE - Each Chapter shall be assessed by the Board annually an equitable amount, taking into consideration the economic condition of its members and their location. Such amount shall be remitted to the National Office within the first six (6) months, i.e. March to August of a calendar year, after the constitution of a new set of National Officers. The annual dues of every Chapter shall be reviewed annually and revised as necessary.

Section 8. Junior Chapters - Every Chapter shall encourage the formation of Junior Chapters in its locality, when possible, and shall support the continued existence of the Junior Chapters. The Junior Chapters shall be composed of students of schools of a locality taking a course leading to a B.S.Ch.E. degree. Junior Chapters may formulate its own Articles of Association, which in form and substance are approved by the Chapter’s Board of Directors. The Chapter shall appoint one of its own members to oversee the activities of its Junior Chapter.

Section 9. Powers and Duties of the Chapters - The Chapters shall have the following powers and duties:

a. Chapter members can vote for and act during the Special General Assemblies or National Conventions to decide on matters pertaining to PIChE and/or its Chapters;

b. Review the qualification and eligibility of candidates to be endorsed for election to the Board, provided, however, that a Chapter can nominate only (1) of its members to be a candidate for election to the Board.

c. Support the elected candidates in the Board; and

d. Recommend and endorse nominees to the Awards Committee for outstanding chemical engineers and other recognition deemed relevant to the profession.


Section 1. Types of Membership - The membership of PIChE in the Chapters shall be composed of:

a. Regular Member - A person who is a registered chemical engineer in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines;

b. Associate Member - A person holding a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering (BSChE) degree from a duly recognized college or university, either local or foreign;

c. Industrial Member - A corporation, partnership or single proprietorship engaged in and industry employing chemical engineers; and

d. Honorary Member - A person, not necessarily a registered chemical engineer, who has distinguished himself/herself in the field of chemical engineering or contributed greatly to the advancement of the chemical engineering profession.

Section 2. Admission of Members - A person duly registered by the PRC as a licensed chemical engineer is automatically admitted as a regular member of a PIChE chapter. All other types of members are admitted upon approval by the Chapter’s Board of Directors or Officers.

Section 3. Prohibition on Dual Membership - No member, irrespective of type, shall, at any time, be a member of more than one Chapter.

Section 4. Transfer of Membership - A member, irrespective of type, may transfer from one Chapter to another by informing his/her/its home Chapter through a written request supported by an acceptance letter from the Chapter he/she/it is transferring.

Section 5. Lifetime Membership – Regular members may avail of lifetime membership by paying in advance an amount as may be set by the Chapter Board of Directors or Officers. This amount will be deposited in a special trust fund to be put up by the Chapter where the lifetime membership is affiliated.

Section 6. Ch.E Fellow - A regular member who has shown exemplary performance as a chemical engineer shall be given the title of Ch.E. Fellow upon the recommendation of the Chapter to the National Membership Committee and approval by the Board.

Section 7. Suspension, Expulsion and Reinstatement of Members – Any member may be suspended or expelled by a Chapter for non-payment of dues or for reasons inimical to PIChE or the profession. Any member who has been expelled for non-payment of dues may be reinstated to membership by the Chapter, provided that he/she shall make full settlement of all dues and accounts outstanding at the time of reinstatement.


Section 1. Boundaries of Areas - In order to ensure that most effective service is given to Chapters by the Board, the chapters of PIChE is grouped into four (4) Areas, based on their locations, designated as follows:

AREA I Luzon, except National Capital Region,
AREA II National Capital Region,
AREA III Visayas,
AREA IV Mindanao.

Section 2. Area Organizations - The Executive Committee of the Area shall be composed of the Vice-President for the Area, and the Presidents of each Chapter therein.

Section 3. Election of Area Vice-Presidents - The Area Vice-Presidents shall be elected by the Board from among its members who come from the area where their Chapters belong.


Section 1. Composition and Term of Office – There shall be an independent National Commission on Elections composed of a Chairman and four (4) Commissioners approved by the Board. The members of the Commission shall serve for five (5) years without reappointment. The first five (5) members of the Commission to be appointed shall, however, serve for a term of one, two, three, four and five years, respectively. The outgoing member of the Commission shall always be the Chairman of the Commission.

Section 2. Qualifications – A member of the Commission shall:

a. Be a regular member in good standing of his/her Chapter for the last three (3) years prior to his appointment; and

b. Not come from the Chapter of the outgoing Commissioner he/she is replacing.

Section 3. Power and Duties – The National Commission on Election shall have the following powers and duties:

a. Enforce and administer all rules and regulations related to the conduct to elections;

b. Be the sole judge of all contest relating to election returns, the qualifications of electors and candidates for national elective offices, and canvassing and validity of ballots;

c. Hear and decide election contests within thirty (30) days after the same are submitted for resolution;

d. Register and accredit voters during the convention;

e. Submit to the incoming and outgoing Boards at the National Convention on the day following the national election, a report on the conduct and manner of election and a statement of disbursements of the fund allotted to the Commission which shall be subject to audit;

f. Recommend to the Board effective measures to further minimize election expenses and prohibit all forms of election frauds and malpractices, political opportunity quest or nuisance candidacy or similar acts; and

g. Act with fairness to all qualified candidates for the Board.

All filing fees or assessments to be required from the candidates, other than the imposition of penalties, shall be subject to the approval of the Board.

Section 4. Prohibitions Against Members – No member of the Commission shall engage, directly or indirectly, in PIChE partisan politics nor hold any other elective or appointive office or Chairmanship during his term of office.

Section 5. Nominations Committee – There shall be a Nominations Committee composed of seven (7) members, three (3) of whom shall be the Past National Presidents in the last three (3) preceding years starting with the Immediate Past National President. The other four (4) members shall be representatives of the four (4) Areas, to be appointed by the Commission on Elections for a term of four (4) years.

The Immediate Past National President shall be the Chairman of the Committee.

Section 6. Powers and Duties of the Nominations Committee - The Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

a. Review the qualification and eligibility of all candidates to the Board relative to qualifications and eligibility provided for in this Constitution and By-laws;

b. Brief the candidates on their duties and responsibilities to be conducted on the day preceding the opening of the National Convention; and

c. Determine whether any candidate is not qualified as provided in this Constitution and By-Laws, and thus, disqualify the candidate.

Section 7. Certificates of Candidacy – All candidates for any elective office in PIChE must file with the National Commission on Elections, copy furnished the Nominations Committee, their Certificates of Candidacy in the form provided for accompanied by the written endorsements of the majority of the Board of Directors of their respective Chapters at least thirty (30) days before the opening of the National Convention.

In the event that there is no candidate for a certain office, the filing of a Certificate of Candidacy for that uncontested office shall be allowed up to one (1) day before the scheduled election date.


Section 1. Committees – The Board may create such committees as may be necessary to carry out PIChE’s program of activities.

Section 2. Committee Chairperson – A chairperson shall be appointed to each of the committees of PIChE as recommended by the National President and approved by the Board.

Section 3. Ex-Officio Members – The National President, the National Secretary and the National Treasurer shall be ex-officio members of all committees created by the Board.

Section 4. Supervision – All committees shall be under the supervision of the National Secretary or such other officer authorized by the Board.

Section 5. Disbursement of Committee Funds – All monies, funds and properties received by any Committee shall be deposited in the name of PIChE. No withdrawals from such fund shall be made without the approval of the National Treasurer and shall be in accordance with the budget appertaining thereto.

Section 6. Awards Committee – An Awards Committee shall be formed to recognize and honor outstanding achievements in the fulfillment of the purpose of the chemical engineering profession by Chapters or by individuals.

Section 7. Qualification of Appointed Members - All appointed members of Committees must be active members of a PIChE Chapter for at least two (2) years at the time of their appointment.


Section 1. Composition – There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the National President, the National Executive Vice President, the four (4) Area Vice Presidents, the National Secretary, the National Treasurer, and the Immediate Past National President.

Section 2. Powers and Duties – The Executive Committee shall:

a. Administer and manage the affairs of PIChE during the intervals between meetings of the Board and subject to such limitations as may be prescribed by the General Assembly or by the Board;

b. Serve as the Finance Committee to review and revise the annual budget as may be necessary for submission to the Board for approval; and

c. Undertake and carry out such powers, duties, functions and responsibilities as may be delegated to it by the Board and shall have the power to act as and for the Board, subject to ratification by the Board.

Section 3. Meetings – The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the Board, or on petition of at least three (3)members thereof.

Section 4. Quorum – The majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.


Section 1. Composition of the Council of Advisers (COA) - All past National Presidents shall be members of the Council of Advisers and shall have lifetime seats in the Council. The Council shall elect from among themselves a Chairman who shall sit in the National Board.

Section 2. Organization of the COA - The members of the COA shall perform such functions and responsibilities as prescribed in this Constitution and By-Laws and as may be directed by the Board.

Section 3. Duties of the COA - The COA shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

a. Provide guidance and serve as Advisers to the members of the Board;

b. When called upon to guide, chair or become a member of the Nominations, Elections and Awards Committees;

c. Promote PIChE’s efforts to be of service to the chapters; and

d. Assist the Board in the preparation, implementation and success of PIChE’s plans and projects.


Section 1. Chapter Dues - Each Chapter shall remit annually to the Board an amount to be determined by the Board

Section 2. Miscellaneous Fees - Fees shall be charged by the Chapters for the sale of publications and other services under such rules and regulations as maybe prescribed by the Board.

Section 3. Privileges - A regular member of a local Chapter shall be entitled to all services and privileges including the right to vote and be voted upon as an officer of PICHE. An associate member shall be entitled to all services and privileges and can vote but cannot be voted upon.

Section 4. Newly Chartered Chapters – Newly established Chapters shall pay their annual membership dues on a pro-rata basis for the balance of the fiscal year upon their formal establishment.

Section 5. Deadline for Payments and Delinquency Penalties – Dues must be paid in full on or before August 31 of each calendar year. The Board may provide for an incentive scheme for early full or partial payments.

Section 6 Financial Commitments – No financial commitment on the part of PIChE shall be made by an affiliate Chapter or a member over and above the budget approved by the Board, provided that expected savings may be committed upon authority or approval by the majority of the Board.

Section 7. Fiscal Year – The PIChE’s fiscal year shall begin on March 1 and end on February 28 or 29 of the following year.

Section 8. Assets – All funds, real properties and other assets of the National Office shall be held and maintained in the name of the PIChE.

Section 9. Budget – The National President shall prepare and submit to the National Treasurer his recommendations on the operating budget at the start of the fiscal year.

Section 10. Special Fund – A special fund shall be created by the National Office which shall not be less than ten percent (10%) of its yearly income, excluding sponsorship income. This fund shall be built up at the rate of not less than one percent (1%) of the total income per year until the appropriate amount is reached. Disbursement from this fund must be approved by the General Assembly at a National Convention upon the recommendation of the Board.

Section 11. Bank Signatories – All disbursements from PIChE’s bank accounts or certificates of deposit shall require at least two (2) authorized signatories, to be designated by the Board in a resolution for that purpose unless otherwise provided for herein.

Section 12. Convention Income – Unless otherwise agreed by the Board, the host chapter of any National Convention shall remit to PICHE 50 % of the net income of the National Convention.

Section 13. Bank Accounts and Depository Bank – PIChE will maintain its account with at least two (2) reputable banks to be approved by the Board upon the recommendation of the National Treasurer. No account can be opened by any Committee in the name of PIChE or that of his own project without the approval of the Board and without the National Treasurer being one of the signatories.

Section 14. Donations - PIChE may accept donations according to the rules and regulations of the Corporation Code of the Philippines.

Section 15. External Auditor -- PIChE shall retain an external Auditor appointed by the Board.


Section 1. Grounds for Suspension or Impeachment – Members of the Board and members of the National Commission on Elections of may be suspended or impeached for violation of this Constitution and By-Laws, conviction of any crime involving moral turpitude, dereliction of duty or conduct inimical to the interest of the PIChE, malfeasance, misfeasance or nonfeasance.

Section 2. Procedure for Suspension or Impeachment – The Board may, motu propio or upon petition by any member, inquire into the existence of any of the aforesaid grounds for suspension or removal of an elected member of the Board or member of the National Commission on Elections. After due notice and hearing, the Board shall take whatever action it may deem warranted under the premises. Such action may consist of suspension or expulsion from the office held. A report on the action taken stating the facts and other circumstances shall be immediately submitted by the Board to the General Assembly in a National Convention for its information or further action, if necessary.



Section 1. Supremacy Clause - No provision of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be waived, suspended or in any manner rendered ineffective by any resolution, action, or inaction by any Officer and/or Director and affiliate of PIChE.

Violation of this provision shall render all acts pursuant thereto null and void ab initio and the officer/s and/or board/s enforcing or claiming any right or defense under the same shall be subjects to censure, suspension or expulsion by the General Assembly.


Section 1. Method – As proposed by a majority vote of the Board, this Constitution and By-Laws may be modified, altered, amended or repealed by the majority vote of the members in good standing represented in a National Convention or Special General Assembly called for the purpose, consistent with the provision of the Corporation Code of the Philippines. (Amended October, 1993).


Section 1. Effectivity – This Constitution and By-Laws shall be effective upon approval by the General Assembly and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The provisions of this Constitution and By-Laws shall be prospective in character and nature.

This Constitution and By-Laws shall not, however, affect the qualification, eligibility and tenure of the present elected and constitutionally appointed National Officers who shall continue to serve the remainder of their term.

© 2008 PIChE, Inc.

The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers

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