About PIChE

Our History

As early as 1938, Filipino technical men in industry, realizing the need for stimulating the members of a young profession to the needs of industrialization in our country, envisioned an association of chemical engineers. In 1939, the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers, otherwise known as “PIChE” for short, was formally an organization whose members were, to mention a few, Rafael Aguilar, Angel S. Argueles, Amando Clemente, Timoteo T. Dar Juan, Felix V. Espino, Ramon T. Feliciano,   Roque Garcia, Vicente Lava, Benito Legarda, Moises Lucas and Francisco Quisumbing. They formed a cohesive group of chemists and chemical engineers geared to meet the challenge of industrialization.
The PIChE was inaugurated in 1939 at the National Development Company. Mr. Jose C. Espinosa, one of the early chemical engineering graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was installed as the first president of the Institute by Dr. Manuel Roxas. Dr. Timoteo T. Dar Juan, being the oldest among the Institute members, administered the oath of office. The other officers were Dr. Vicente Lava, 1st vice president; Moises Lucas, secretary; Roque Garcia, treasurer, and Isaac L. Santos, auditor. The board of directors included Dr. Angel S. Arguelles, Dr. Amando Clemente, Dr. Timoteo T. Dar Juan, Felix V. Espino, Dr. Ramos Feliciano and Benito Legarda.
The PIChE, born in 1939, counted with only forty (40) members. It stands today as formidable and united organization composed of about 1, 800 members registered under its many chapters located all over the country.  It is conscious of its task in the development and stimulation of the chemical engineering profession, in consolidating its stand with schools, with industries, and with related professional organizations in militant efforts to reap wider recognition for the Filipino chemical engineers in our economic, industrial and social endeavors.
In line with its vision and mission, the PIChE continues to serve the Chemical Engineers in the country through the continued support from its members.
PIChE celebrated its Diamond year in 2014 recognizing its glorious past and preparing it for the challenging future.